Gamers from Abdya who Hacked Dreams as Indonesian Esport Athletes

Yopi Gumara : Gamers from Abdya who Hacked Dreams as Indonesian Esport Athletes

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Saat Esport (electronic sports) become one of the sports that are competed in international official events such as Sea Games 2019 in the Philippines. Online game enthusiasts are growing rapidly.

Aceh MPU's fatwa related to the prohibition of PUBG has made Esport in Aceh lose its passion but not at the National level, MUI issued a fatwa can as long as it does not damage morals. (, 24/6/2019) )

In suppressing the negative side of the effects of gamers addiction for Indonesian youth, especially Aceh must be addressed seriously.

Nationally, positive efforts to develop exports are evidenced by the establishment of the Indonesian Esport Association (IESPA) year 2014 followed by the Indonesian Video Game Sports Association (release).

Di awal Januari 2020, The Ministry of Youth and Sports inaugurates the founding of the Grand Management (PB) Esport with the general head of General Pol (Retired) Budi Gunawan. (, 22/1/2020)

Talk about athletes, some potential players from the regions become difficult in the recruitment process because they are not detected if they are not actively participating in local Games Online events.

From the State of Sigupai, the emergence of Yopi Gumara who actively played with a nickname : Rebess turned out to be a conversation among the Aceh Gamers.

The ability to play the game has been sharpened since elementary school, Point Blank, FPS game made by Game School became his favorite.

His interest in online games, has created a Rebess account, and consistent with the nick name is in various games in the poll starting from Dragon Nest, Clash of Clans, Get Rich, Vain Glory, Mobile Legend, Free Fire PUBG and finally focus on Chess Rush.

As a Chess Rush Player, one of the games from the publisher of Tencent Games , Yopi won the best achievement by occupying the top 5 leaderboard rank region Indonesia.

Offer to play in the Rex Regum Qeon Team's Auto Battler division (RRQ) has made Rebesss respected by several members of the Esport Indonesia team.

As a talented player from Southwest Aceh, it is only logical Esport Aceh (if you please) glance at Yopi Gumara as an athlete.

Blangpidie-born young man, 26 July 1998, had the status of a student until the semester 3 Unsyiah Electrical Engineering, but was forced to leave college due to economic limitations.

His efforts to generate income as Youtuber or Nimo TV experienced obstacles in the provision of devices (device), need support from those who care about the growth and development of Esport in Aceh.

In a short interview with him, Youngest child of 2 brothers who currently reside in Geulumpang Payong, Round, Southwest Aceh has a big dream to become a player Esport Indonesia.

Happy fighting Rebesss. Hopefully remain consistent in dreaming of becoming an Esport Indonesia player.

Salam Esport

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