beautiful flowers

Poetry – For the best women

And make happiness that is always in our home - Spread with strong love and fruitful comfort.
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You who are happy in a thousand towers of heaven,
Beautiful dancing in it, for peace prayer;
In my soul that is still piled up in life
From the group of small flowers that you send
Who told you so you always care
About the sin and sadness of my night?

Do you believe the sadness of the cold night
Ignore the candles in your beautiful tower?
That you choose to avoid staring at the moon
For the strength of your love
To the extent that you put orange dusk for me?

In your affection, in wisdom, truth and love;
You never ignore it, hidden behind the look on your face,
Keep your stars shining,
Even leaving your own dream beam.

You are a mother! The most friendly human that I know
Where I live in uninterrupted peace
Cheerful in the warmth of your smile garden
And make happiness that is always in our home
Spread with strong love and fruitful comfort

You so maintain that strong love
in your steps forever;
Sing a fairytale at my night,
Steal my attention when I'm depressed,
Still mighty to give despite the heavy storm gripping
Only for the sake of me growing in your peace.

I am perfection and serenity
Collection of beautiful love that is always growing

While your own world you often ignore,
Fighting for the bright hope,
To face life that is sometimes shocking, bitter, and destroyed
But you are a selfish garden!

Selfish defend love in your swing from the fierce reality out there.

mother, you are the joy and queen of peace
In the power of rich love is unlimited,
To take care of my whole life!

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