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Assalamualaikum. I am Masri Fithrian, commonly called Masri (but it's not mas mas Java call huh). I am originally from the Southwest Aceh district of Aceh Province. I love writing, Swedishness ", journalism and sports enthusiasts and community activities.

First aneuk Harare, not peranakan. I like to play soccer, read, analyze, I also really like fragrant coffee. At present I work in one of the Abdya district government institutions, and started blogging in November 2019 as my media to release steam, opinion and try to share useful writing as my Jariyah charity field.

About the Indigenous Masri Blog

This blog is where I write my daily opinions (occasional light essay). The articles in this blog are certainly not entirely in accordance with the wishes of the reader. Maybe I have something to edit, I added, and there is also something I reduce to adjust the development of blogs with the dynamics of science and the right paradigm, some names in the story on this blog might also be disguised for privacy needs, solely so that the article that I write can be comfortably read by all parties.

At the end I would also like to say hello to all the readers of my blog and do not forget to apologize as much as possible when there is a data error, typo, misspellings or possible misperceptions due to my mistakes in writing and my shortcomings as a normal human being, please forgive and be sincere so that we can further tighten the relationship. Thank you and Wassalamualaikum.


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