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Write bureaucratic related topics, menjadi tantangan tersendiri bagi penulis yang berstatus PNS di Kabupaten Aceh Barat Daya sejak tahun 2005.

Based on work experience from several agencies that have been undertaken, telah mendorong penulis untuk sedikit berbagi ilmu yang didapat, raised a number of problems that seemed to leave the bureaucracy in the realm of , and present a perspective on local government rules or policies that should be revised because they are no longer effective and efficient.

These personal notes will be written with the name of a bureaucratic series so that they are neatly indexed and hopefully provide benefits for personal and readers.

In the first Series, we will raise the subject of a special service script, namely Staff Review.

Staff Review itself has a format that has been included in the appendix of the Regulation of the Minister of National Apparatus Utilization and Bureaucratic Reform RI N0mor 80 Year 2012 concerning Guidelines for Manuscript Administration of Government Agencies.


Picture : Staff Review Writing Format.

Staff Review is a form of description presented by the office or staff that contains a brief and clear analysis of a problem by providing a recommended way out / solution.

As a script, Staff reviews of course have an important role in written communication between subordinates and superiors.

In the administration position (according to PP No.11 Year 2017 about Civil Servants Management), Telaahan Staf umumnya hanya dipergunakan oleh Jabatan Pimpinan Tinggi (JPT) which is addressed to the head of government and is very rarely used by the executive department (formerly called staff), the position of supervisor and the position of administrator to the head of the agency.

As the responsibilities of subordinates who must obey the orders of the leadership, we often find superiors' orders only verbally to be followed up as part of the leader's policy.

In this case, if the superior's orders are in principle contrary to the law but the leadership seems to impose his orders, then Staff Study is the best solution to be a subordinate savior of the law trap in the future.





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