Book Review : Aleph – Paulo Coelho

aleph by Paulo Coelho
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“This book presents the story of the author's spiritual journey connected to the parallel world, when all the fame and his work hunted by many people, the writer loses existence, there is something missing to be discovered at the same time there is a demand to break from routine and foster a new understanding of the soul”

The big name Paulo Coelho has moved his heart to finish reading Aleph, after previously had contact with the work of his novel “The Alchemist”.

The author decided to review it because Aleph was able to present something new for me personally about the meaning of a trip, parallel world, ad extirpanda even Aleph.

Aleph is a point where everything is in the same place and time. Aleph is also the first letter of the alphabet in Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic.

Overall this novel presents surprise after surprise per-chapter, and Aleph itself becomes one of the chapter titles and written in detail.

The many philosophies of life make dialogue between characters felt “weight', many expressions of spiritual value that should be marked as reminders and inspire.

In the first chapter : King of my Kingdom, Chinese Bamboo and Foreign Lanterns. There are some facts that are offered that make a question mark and should be read slowly and understood, because the answer is closely related to the story written in the forward groove.

The real journey begins, saat melintasi jalur kereta api Trans-Siberia yang menghubungkan kota Moskow sampai Vladivostok dengan jarak tempuh 9.288 Km and pass 7 time zone is different.

This is where we will meet the Hilal figure, a spalla (the first violin in the orchestra is responsible for ensuring all instruments are aligned). Hilal then stopped playing music and traveled with Paulo because of his faith, they are both bound from the past.

Another outstanding figure is Yao, A Chinese translator who mastered the Aikido martial arts as a way of peace and taught Paulo about takuhatsu, pilgrimage begging.

Style of storytelling with a string of sentences full of life science is the strength of Paulo Coelho, it's hard to miss some new understanding that frowns and forces you to take a deep breath.

For the writers themselves, The story that was very intriguing about the article offered by Hilal when he first met Paulo, whose contents were about lighting a bonfire of friendship, and this is contained in the chapter “if the Cold Wind Blows”.

While of many “qoute” scattered, there is one sentence that really jerks to his senses when Paulo is interviewed by a TV reporter in the chapter “Dreamers Can Never Be Tamed” and asked about the meaning of God. She said : “Anyone who knows God cannot describe Him. Anyone who can describe God does not know Him.”

Long journey by train, neatly told not boring, Conflicts that build up between characters until sexual desires are packaged are not vulgar.

Write down the details of the city visited and the stories behind it to be crammed in information so that we will be stunned and feel who it is..

Aleph is not a Novel for all circles, only seekers of meaning in life and people who feel lost the spiritual side that will devour completely.

At an affordable price, buku istimewa ini berhak mengisi rak favorit di pustaka pribadi anda.



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