Design and Development of SMEs Abdya (Prototype)

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Picture : UMKM Building Design (Prototype)

The MSME Design and Development was present to answer the challenges of the Southwest Aceh Regent, Akmal Ibrahim related to local government solutions in developing the UMKM Tahun 2017.

Penulis mencoba menganalisa dan membuat rancang bangun UMKM dengan solusi Pemerintah Daerah berbasis Program dan Kegiatan yang bisa didanai di berbagai Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah berikut dengan skema Lembaga Keuangan Mikro dan Simulasinya.

Latest developments in Southwest Aceh itself, end of year 2019 present Central Creative Industries Of Abdya (CCIA) yang menampung produks UMKM untuk pusat oleh oleh dari Abdya, which is temporarily located on Jalan Iskandar Muda, Geulumpang Payong Blangpidie.

Given the data we analyzed this year 2017, then there are several SKPDs that have merged and several program and activity names that have been adapted to Permendagri No.90 Tahun 2020 about Classification, Codex, and the Nomenclature of Regional Development and Financial Planning.

This design is prepared simply by examining the basic problems of MSMEs that are difficult to develop, if then Abdya's UMKM Design Plan is still relevant to be considered as an effort to accelerate the regional government in developing UMKM in the regions, We invite anyone who has the capacity related to the problems surrounding MSMEs to adopt, revise and further develop this MSME Design Plan.

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Abdya Full UMKM Design can be downloaded at the link below:


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