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Staff designation in the Government Bureaucracy is intended for non-echelon civil servant positions, the official term is a general functional position and its nomenclature has changed to an executive position since 2016¹.

Being staff sometimes eats hearts, bukan karena statusnya tapi karena beban kerja yang berlimpah.

Thus, It is not common knowledge in hierarchical bureaucracy that work piles up below.

Staf yang memiliki kompetensi teknis cenderung diperlakukan oleh atasan untuk jadi “instructions”, but a thousand loves hard work is not comparable to income.

When you have a boss with a civil servant career position you get the results of lobbying and or close to power, then the prosperity of subordinates is not a priority.

If the statement is rejected, then our permission is returned to the reader, because reality gives birth to slogan “be smart be a staff” as the subtlest form of refusal not to be used.

Regardless of whose claims are right and whose fault, hence this paper is solely present from the anxiety over the demands of bureaucratic reform whose implementation in the regions is reluctant to change.

In responding to the unpleasant things above, ada baiknya kita menelusuri permasalahan dasar dari hubungan staf dengan kesejahteraan.

Employee expenditure in each activity is calculated based on the unit cost of input (SBM) which was later legalized by Decree (SK).

Agency activities involving internal personnel are sufficient with the Budget User Decree, while activities involving cross-sectoral or agency employees require a regional head decree.

The division of authority and duties is seen from the position entailed, and specifically for staff, article one applies, nama tercantum dalam SK berdasarkan staf dibidang dia bekerja.

Technical field usually “wet” and of course the target of the staff, many activities, a lot of work and a lot of coffers, but secretarial staff generally bite the fingers.

Officer front desk, general staff and staffing including programs and reporting often deal only with ink and paper, with the exception of staff in finance, which is often scented in rupiah.

No escape, the demand to involve staff in the secretariat in technical activities became noisy and then sank again when entering the stages of the RKA drafting process.

Employee spending

Insensitivity of Acting Technical Officers (PPTK) in calculating employee expenditure, especially the addition of implementing members from staff outside the field they are in charge of, can certainly impact on the work ethic.

The spirit of cooperation and teamwork in the end has only become the sweetener of the DPA imprisoned rhetoric (Budget Implementation Documents)

Not to mention talking about work whose document output, be it the service profile, final report on activities (which is generally absent), other technical documents such as the Minimum Service Standards (SPM), Work Reference Framework (KAK), employment documents, planning document.

The problem is clear regarding the decree which contains the name, department and duties as a data collector, data processing and data analysis, who has a smiley smile department, the work staff, work let's work. (thought of the Slanker mars song)

Poor staff, sometimes with 60-80 % contributions of thought, night sweats and overtime, instead becomes feverish when he sees the emotion.

And woe again, they are superiors who don't care about the initial process until finally it becomes a document, and often listed on the decree because of the position but contribute a little.

Finish the activity, the debris flows into a personal account or pocket, keep quiet, shut yourself up.

Jarang menemukan atasan yang mau berbagi amprahan karena sadar ada keringat orang lain dalam rezekinya.

There is a sweat cleaning service that cleans and tidies his desk every day, there is a Caraka sweat that goes back and forth delivering material, letter and photocopy.

Do not forget also the front desk clerk who is ready to help register outgoing mail numbers and affix a stamp.

Staff are aware that being in the down position has an impact on kitchen smoke, anxiety for rice, milk and pamper children do not need to be neutralized, because life must be grateful.

With a salary no longer sufficient to support meeting basic needs, hard work is not worth the breakdown and ultimately is not to blame for many who run to move parts or look for additional work on the side.

Be smart, be a staff, karena atasan cuma butuh kehadiran, ready to work and not demanding a lot of change.

If there is a boss who really cares, sympathy and understanding about sharing so don't praise but persevere so you can quickly promote.

(This paper becomes an opening article to understand more deeply the career pattern of civil servants with the merit system as mandated by PP no 11 year 2017 about Civil Servants Management)


¹) Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia No. 25 Year 2016 concerning Nomenclature for Implementing Positions for Civil Servants within Government Agencies.






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