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“Fucking” is the Acehnese vocabulary that we often hear in everyday Acehnese people, dan menurut hemat penulis belum ada kata yang tepat sebagai terjemahannya dalam bahasa Indonesia.

“Fucking” can be in the form of words or actions that are inserted into subtle but innocent insults laughter, elements that must be met only bila keeps repeating and is aimed at the same subject, so obviously it can't be equated with “nosy”.

“Fucking” in the realm of the association of Acehnese people has become a necessity, born from a form of social concern from the many Acehnese who “klo prip” (ind : tuli semprit), which is labeled as someone who is no longer able to be advised and always rejects goodness.

Acehnese are known to be strict, convey humor also in a spicy way, (not smart), “stinging” do not need a rationale or any basic form of theory, because only the eyes are present from the empirical realm, berdasarkan fakta dan peristiwa yang terlihat mata.

“Fucking” can be so strong and hit that the target does not move or die of lice. Stunning can provoke the laughter of the audience as well as provoke the emotion of the target object. In azaz mixing is included in the impolite nature, but it doesn't mean it's not ?

Kelebihan dari orang “Fucking” is they are able to tell jokes with different words or plays, and still managed to make laughter.

Elite level, tapping with “sense of humor” the highest, need good communication techniques and good at playing with words. For those who like “stinging’ in the form of play, then it must be able to integrate acting as well as pantonim in it.

“You are so fast” not cursing or criticism, he is only an expression of humor as well as the innocence of the Acehnese in dealing with life. You agree ?



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