7 Pengorbanan Untuk Menjadi Penulis Sukses

You didn't buy an iPhone because you like Steve Jobs. You bought it because it is a great product.
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Can you see the memories when it rains? Write it down! it's the sound of memory that breaks your freezing bubbles. I am now starting a blog for writing and because I know it might work. Encouragement does help, but sometimes the cold spark of truth is what is needed to move people.

I will tell the truth today. Are you ready? So prepare!

Sometimes it is full of nonsense

I get emails from writers who continue to aspire from time to time. I am very happy to give tips and see how I can help, but there are several types of emails that I get that automatically show that the person at the end will never succeed.

They sent something like this:

Hello Ahmad,
I want to be a blog writer and publish my own book, but i don't have fans. Too, I have trouble figuring out what I want to write. Oh, and I also don't have time to write with my current situation.

Can you help me become a successful writer?

I know this person will never succeed. Their reasons are visible in the message and I can say that they have not given a sincere post before trying to “take an answer from me.”

This is the way of the world. Most people are full of empty dreams. They all talk.
They say they want to lose weight, but they will not give up on meatballs and chips.

They say they want to start a business, but piling up reasons one after another.

Say you want to be a great writer, publish a book, and have their own fans, but you don't want to sacrifice? Helo? If you don't want to give up on your comfort, how you hope to be blessed with the opportunities you have?

Do you have to lock yourself in your room for hours a day and hurry until your eyes bleed to succeed? Not. But you must be willing to let go of something.

And here is a list of things that you need to sacrifice to become a successful writer!

Writing stimulates thinking, so when you can't think of anything to write about, keep trying to write.

Your feeling

Question: Why would anyone want to read your writing, visit your blog, or buy your book?

Are you a diligent writer? Are you trying to connect with people who are interested in your writing? Not?

Let me guess, You think people should read your writing because you wrote it. That's a terrible answer, bro!

You didn't buy an iPhone because you like Steve Jobs. You bought it because it is a great product.

So if you try to make a living with your writing, your words – by definition- is a product. You have to create your best work and it all starts with your personal responsibility.

No one owes you attention. I put this point first because this is the problem most experienced by writers. I have seen it many times – an aspiring writer then begins his relatively low work then complains about their lack of success.

Reduce whining. More writing is better!

Romantisme Anda

Writing is artistic. Maybe you think of writing as a craft. You want to write beautiful words and attribute the next paragraph.

Yes, good luck with that.

Romantic writers are the type that uses a ton of flower language, thought their book would be taken by Harper Collins and regretted the lack of literary quality in today's writing.

There are writers who are technically gifted but boring and unsuccessful. Writing beautiful words doesn't make you a good writer. Intriguing people makes you a good writer. Cheer up, educate, and inspire people to make you a good writer.

The problem with literary types that are too frequent are those who often don't pay attention to the people at the end of the page. They like the idea of ​​being a writer but it is not practical in terms of writing itself.

Your life might not be interesting enough to be a great memoir, especially if no one knows who you are.

Maybe other people aren't interested in the war of the year 1812 like you. But maybe you should write about something else.

Writing to meet market needs does not necessarily make you successful, but it makes you the one who really produces from your own writing.

In the year 2017, art and business are not mutually exclusive. They blend in with each other and the lines blur. A little pragmatism will give you a chance to succeed as a writer.

So, please, throw away your rose colored glass.

Your fear of marketing

If one of the sentences below describes you, then you have no right to complain about your writing career:

  1. You do not have a blog of your own
  2. You have never posted or posted your work on another platform
  3. You are not connected to one other person in your room by e-mail

Another pervasive mindset among aspiring writers is mentality “build and it will come”.

Say at this time your writing is not too noticed. From that I have a question for you: How people should find it? Luck? Extrasensory perception?

The recipe for success as a writer is simple – find people who want to read your type of writing and make your writing before their eyes. This means finding a website that already has a default audience and publishing your work there.

This means connecting with influential people online who can help promote your work. Fear of marketing can also be integrated with a sense of belonging.

I understand. You just want to write. You think good writing should be enough with yourself. Not! Marketing is not a dirty world. This is a prerequisite for success.

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Your time

What if you know everything will work? How much time will you devote to building your writing career if guaranteed?

A year, lima, ten years?

Building a writing career takes time. I read a post by blog expert Jon Morrow that says you have to dedicate four to six years of your life to build your blog figure.

One of my favorite writers, James Altucher, say that you need five years experience before you generate wealth in your field.

If you've done it less than 24 month, relax. You are not supposed to be mega successful. You have to work harder.

You must wrap your head with the idea that success will not happen now, but that will happen eventually. Writing is not a linear practice. That's exponential.

Let me explain.

Anda tidak meningkatkan keterampilan menulis anda pada tingkat yang sama. Ketika anda menulis secara konsisten, keterampilan anda akan tumbuh secara eksponensial. Kuncinya adalah membuatnya melewati fase awalnya.

Saya akan menggunakan angka untuk menggambarkan contoh:

Ambil nomor .00002. Jika anda menggandakannya menjadi 0,00004. Jika anda menggandakannya lagi menjadi 0,00008. Lompatan ini sepertinya tidak banyak. Dua kali lipatnya 36 kali, namun, dan tiba-tiba angkanya bisa berubah menjadi 1,3 million.

Balon pesta membutuhkan banyak udara untuk mengisinya pada awalnya, but after reaching the threshold, the balloon filled easily.

Your writing skills are like small decimal numbers and party balloons.

If you work consistently, you will be better. Be honest with yourself – Are you doing work or are you complaining too early?

Kebutuhan akan Pengakuan

If you have supportive friends and family, it was incredible. However, often, people around you might not want to accept your idea of ​​being a full-time writer.

Mereka akan memberi tahu anda bahwa menulis itu tidak praktis atauberisiko.Mereka akan memberitahu anda untuk tidak terlalu berharap. Itu bukan karena mereka tidak ingin anda berhasil. Mereka peduli dengan anda dan tidak ingin anda kecewa.

Mungkin butuh beberapa saat bagi mereka untuk menganggap aspirasi itu dengan serius. Begitu mulai menghasilkan uang dan mendapatkan momentum, kemajuan dapat membuka mata mereka terhadap berbagai kemungkinan.

Anda harus menyadari ketika anda menyimpang di luar jalan normal, karena terkadang kita tidak selalu akan mendapatkan jalan normal.

Tak perlu mengumumkan aspirasi anda untuk menjadi penulis bagi siapa pun. Mulai saja menulis dan terus menulis.

Tidak masalah apa yang dipikirkan teman dan keluarga anda. Tidak masalah apa yang dipikirkan masyarakat.

Saat menulis, satu-satunya hal yang penting adalah halaman di depan anda.

Sekarang adalah waktu terbaik dalam sejarah manusia untuk menjadi seorang penulis. Anda tidak perlu izin siapa pun untuk membuat dan menerbitkan.

Anda tidak perlu penerbit untuk memberi tahu anda apakah anda seorang penulis yang baik atau tidak. Biarkan audiens anda menjadi juri.

Misi anda adalah membangun kerajaan kecil di sekitar kata-kata anda. Untuk melakukan itu, anda akan membutuhkan muka tembok, karena teman dan keluarga anda tidak hanya akan gagal melihat apa yang anda lihat.

Kadang-kadang anda akan mendapat balasan atas hal-hal yang anda terbitkan dalam komentar anda dari troll atau orang-orang yang benar-benar berpikir bahwa pekerjaan anda buruk.

Jangan letakkan identitas anda di tangan orang lain. Percayalah pada diri sendiri dan percaya saja prosesnya akan berhasil.


Beberapa penulis yang bercita-cita tinggi adalah seperti pasien yang pergi ke dokter karena mereka merasa lelah atautidak aktifdalam beberapa cara. Sembilan dari sepuluh, “masalah kesehatanmereka memiliki obat sederhanamakan lebih baik, berolahraga, dan tidur lebih banyak.

Dokter memeriksa pasien, dan bukannya memberi makan hipokondria, ia menyarankan agar ia merawat dirinya sendiri dengan lebih baik.

Apakah anda pasien yang bertanya-tanya mengapa merasa tidak enak?

Jangan mencari jawaban yang rumit mengapa karier penulisan anda tidak terbang tinggi.

Anda hanya tidak cukup menulis. Titik!

One of my favorite writers, Seth Godin, telah menulis 6.000 artikel.

Berapa banyak posting blog yang sudah anda tulis?

Berapa banyak kata yang anda miliki di bawah kamus pikiran anda?

Apakah anda menulis setiap hari atau hanyasesekali dan sementara?” atau apakah anda fokus ketika anda menulis atau anda hanya memeriksa web dan media sosial?

Anda tahu jawabannya dan anda tahu cara bergerak maju.

Saya tahu kadang-kadang kata-kata tersebut tidak muncul di halaman pikiran seperti yang anda bayangkan di benak anda. Saya tahu anda kadang merasa tidak cocok menjadi penulis.


Jika anda ingin belajar bagaimana membangun kebiasaan menulis yang melekat, saya punya panduan untuk itu.

Jika anda ingin menulis buku, saya punya panduan beberapa kata untuk itu. Saya telah berpikir tentang memulai blog, menemukan topik penulisan, mengembangkan pola pikir yang solid dan membuat pekerjaan di depan orang yang tepat.

Saya baru saja mengisi sumber daya dengan informasi langkah demi langkah untuk membawa saya ke tempat yang saya inginkan.

Sayangnya, sebagian besar dari anda mungkin akan merasakan faktorxdan keluar dari halaman ini dan terus tidak menyelesaikan apa pun.

Tidak apa-apa. Saya menulis posting ini untuk segelintir dari anda yang muak terjebak dengan kegagalan menulis dan ingin mulai bekerja.

Saya baru saja meletakkan tantangan itu. Semua ada di tangan anda sekarang ini.

Saya sungguh-sungguh percaya semua yang anda inginkan dalam karier menulis anda adalah keberhasilan. Saya ingin anda sukses, mungkin kita bisa menjadi partner.

Tetapi saya tidak bisa menginginkannya lebih dari yang anda inginkan, untuk minggu berikutnya, 30, or 90 hari kedepan, tutup mulut saja dan terus menulis. Tidak ada lagi menunda memulai blog itu, menulis posting itu, atau menguraikan buku itu.

Tidak ada lagi alasan lagi.

Kita tidak harus menunggu datangnya inspirasi itu, kita sendirilah yang menciptakannya.

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