Why 10 This work is very promising in the future ?

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Talk about the times with all the challenges, kebutuhan sumber daya manusia yang kreatif dan inovatif dan mampu berpikir out of the box is absolute, because global competition and also the technological era will penetrate all angles and take over many of the basic roles of human work ability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become a necessity in the future, when basic human tasks are more practically done with intelligent machines, reacting of course we must have specialized expertise.

According to the CNBC Indonesia release there are several future professions that have the potential to be taken over by AI.

Artificial intelligence may be able to solve some complicated things in the handling of the health sector, data analysis, control, planning and scheduling, the ability to answer customer diagnoses and questions, as well as the introduction of handwriting, voice and face, but the world of Information Technology (IT) still need sense of humanity as social beings that are not owned by machines.

According to the Urbanhire.com site, 10 (ten) profesi yang paling menjanjikan dan direkomendasi untuk digeluti di masa depan secara umum adalah :

1. Ahli IT

Menurut situs USNews.com and site the balance careers, the most potential career in IT is :

    • Software Developer
    • Computer System Analist
    • Web Developer
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Computer Network Architect
    • Computer Programmer
    • Manager IT

2. Health practitioners

3. Expert data

4. Digital marketer

5. Engineering and construction expert

6. SEO Specialiest atau Content Writer

7. Web/Mobile Aplication developer

8. Designer

9. Accountant

10. Environmentalists

The following is a brief explanation, Why 10 the above profession is so promising.

According to BBC Future Now research, Another challenge facing humanity in the future besides developing AI is global population growth, natural resources that do not support human needs, genetic modification, the evolution of social media and goepolytic tensions.

All of these challenges will have an impact on basic human needs themselves, the gap of life widens and puts pressure on man's ability to solve life's problems, so that it impacts on human health and the environment.

The close relationship between health and the environment opens up great opportunities for the profession health practitioner to focus more on dealing with health in remote areas and technology has not been touched, then environmentalists will become a profession that is needed to balance the preservation of nature and global problems related to energy fulfillment in the future.

In the field of Economics itself, the need for goods and services will involve many professions that are more specialist and interrelated, start with a Design Expert or Designer which will become a profession that will be needed by the world of work in the future, dari sisi interface web atau aplikasi mobile, attractive packaging designs of goods and services, dan dunia fashion.

Likewise with the needs Web/mobile developer as a place of business and promotion of products will be very promising both for individuals or companies, accompanied by SEO specialist/content writer which explains in detail the product or service to consumers and Digital marketer who acts as a seller in the digital world will become an expensive profession.

On a broad scale, shelter needs, work space and recreational facilities as well as entertainment needs have spurred a more efficient spatial design and accommodates routine needs while maintaining comfort.

In this case, engineering and construction experts tidak bisa ditinggalkan untuk profesi yang menjanjikan, in the future.

On the other hand, following personal and corporate demands in managing the assets and resources they have related to the state's needs accountant becomes inevitable in the transparency and quality of financial information, public and internal accountants.

In the social world, Human diversity as an object produces many different behaviors and tendencies in making decisions to meet their needs. Consumption patterns and also market fluctuations will be difficult to predict without real data analysts in the field, and here is the role data expert taking part in collecting raw data and displaying it into graphical projections as his special expertise.

This data is expensive and pursued by companies to make new breakthroughs and innovations in products and services.

From future challenges and promising professions, we as humans certainly have to prepare future children with education that is ready to compete in the world of work globally.

In this case, basic preparation to choose the promising profession, mastery of foreign languages ​​becomes absolute, opening access to as wide a knowledge as possible with language and the internet will be an inevitable thing, and of course must be accompanied by an understanding of life in a spiritual context to maintain the balance of life from the side of humanity as a person of character, believing and pious.

wallahu aqlam bishawab.



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