The Aceh Tsunami Traces (part 2)

Berdasarkan Pengalaman Penulis Sendiri
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The sun during the week refuses to shine, for me the light is too dark for daylight hours as usual, after the sweeping wave, He is gray.

Still in a stretch of rubble, our wet clothes and the smell of sweat are not a barrier to keep moving.

Our goal is the building of Toke Leman's house which is located right on the entrance gate of the Lampeudaya Village, looks intact standing between collapsed buildings.

We are approaching fast, ada lambaian, teriakan di lantai dua dari mereka yang selamat.

Then hand gestures bribe themselves they display, spontan kami mengerti mereka kelaparan, but why don't they come down soon, are they locked up? whether they are injured or traumatized ?

Tak ada satu jawaban yang pasti sebelum bertanya langsung, let the question hang, now is finding food for them.

Kami begitu bersemangat bergerilya mencari sebanyak mungkin makanan dan minuman yang dapat kami kumpulkan.

Feeling enough we were rushed close together, seen the front door and window still intact, but crack lines along the walls make this house vulnerable to collapse.

I do not despair, try turning the back road, and the wall was broken instead, a dead man's corpse lay beneath the stairs, his eyes glared sharply, made us surprised and took a step back.

I took a deep breath and calmed down the stairs slowly followed by the three friends who were carrying food and drinks we found.

There is 10 the person above looks resigned, a girl held by a grown man looks muddy, another looked happy as we approached, while her small hands grip the fingers of an adult woman, I suspect they are one family that survived.

It's hard to imagine the hunger that beats such a small child if it lasts all night here, while 2 other adult men immediately choked us asking for information on the situation.

Tiga orang perempuan paruh baya masih bersama seorang kakek tak bergeming dan seolah tak peduli. Mereka terduduk disudut ruangan, inflicted grief, innocent, as you please.

Kupandang lamat lamat wajah mereka sama sekali tak mirip, but the lips continue to vibrate uttering la ila haillah slowly and subtly. There is a tightness that is stuck, ada putus asa yang paksa lawan sekuat tenaga. Could it be the husband, their children loose in the hand grip while struggling in a roll of waves ? I can only imagine not daring to ask.

Slowly my eyes flowed, This atmosphere jerks miserably. I looked at another friend, cloudy had landed in the shadows of their eyes.

We don't know any of them, namun nasib sama sama menjadi korban telah membuat kami senasib dan sepenanggungan.

The description of the best evacuation travel conditions only passes through the Lampeudaya village, dan pilihan terbaik adalah bergerak bersama keluar dari rumah ini sebelum malam datang, rather than having to wait for uncertain help.

One of the grandparents who was seriously injured had to be carried, we chose Agus as a big person and had a strong work force for that.

After weighing and estimating directions, The grandfather should get help immediately by turning the Gliong Klieng road to Miruk Taman, as more road access roads, Agus agreed, there is no rejection at all, intention to help is much greater to ward off all the bad possibilities that can come on the way.

We all released Agus and the old man who left until he disappeared covered in mountains of rubbish and wished them the best.

Dusk is coming, sorrow envelops the country, along the way we are alert, be very careful moving on a concrete pile, wood that can injure.

The trip was really quiet, only the steps sound, semua nampak waspada memasang pendengaran baik baik jika ada yang bergerak atau permintaan tolong yang bisa saja muncul.

Our forecast is correct, seen a young man struggling to paddle a board that made a kind of raft pushing himself between the remaining puddles.

Actually Blang Sireh area located between Lampeudaya and Lamseunong, tanahnya sudah dikerok sebagai bahan untuk tanah pabrik batu bata, and when rain comes, The rice fields become artificial lakes and we make them a place to swim.

The young man broke his hip bone, wincing in pain but enduring suffering.

We took turns supporting him, and thank God we have arrived at a safe place, anxiety subsided a little. I remembered Agus and the old man.

The twilight of the western horizon has arrived, sebuah mobil truk datang, leaving dust on the road that has not been paved Gampong

This truck has been shuttling back and forth to collect and identify, while injured victims were evacuated for temporary treatment in the Lambaro Angan mosque yard.

I, Muli and Weah decide to go home, briefly check the door of the house door is locked or not.

At home, supra x motorcycle surrounded by knee-high mud, no other items are damaged, after showering and changing clothes, I put a sarong and a prayer mat into my backpack.

Electricity is still out, hp nokia 3215 there is no signal at all.

We hurried to gather and the evening prayer in congregation at Meunasah, Next trip is Lambaro Angan Mosque which is only a distance away 1 km, the distance we used to go to school.

I and a large family moved the refugee camp several times, starting from Bueng Cala, Blang Bintang then went to Tungkob where Bang Sofyan's house is still a relative of his father, dan terakhir di Gampong Cot, Lambaro Angan.

Time elapsed, the majority of us are still ambushed by the fear of aftershocks, the strains of the Koran in emergency tents at night, dan Mesjid mesjid yang penuh sesak dengan jamaah.

Every day we hear heroic stories from those who survive in the thick whirlpool, the story of the mosque mosque that still stands intact, and search for relatives that have not been found.

Large families still leaving melancholy, Uncle Maun's body * hasn't been found yet, some of our mass burial sites were targeted, but his name was not recorded, disappeared.

In the morning, we resident cleaned the house, then the next chain action continues.

Looking for a source of oil from the tank and drums swept away by waves, then turned to look for treasure in the form of gold, cash strewn, bahkan ada yg mengangkat sepeda motor untuk diperbaiki kembali.

Months, Our routine is when we come back in the morning to Gampong, membersihkan rumah, gotong royong, membantu relawan dalam mengumpulkan mayat dna menguburkan mereka, move together in collecting data on victims and assets to get jadup and assistance, and if night had come we would return to the refuge.

Slowly the pulse of the village's life began to return, One by one the population returned, for months the smell of mud still smelled clearly, ravaged situation still unimaginable details, even to the location of the bodies that were placed on the side of the road and only covered with cloth.

The Aceh tsunami is a warning to us all, hundreds of thousands of lives once liberated by its power, not during the Aceh conflict, urusan nyawa manusia mudah tercabut karena fitnah ?

The Aceh tsunami was a disaster, disasters and the long-lasting wisdom of conflict.

Restoring our awareness that the reality of creation is to worship it instead of worshiping the Red and White ID card, Senjata dan kekuasaan.

Cerita ini kutuliskan kembali, sebagai refleksi Tsunami 15 Tahun lalu, tanpa banyak dialog untuk menggambarkan betapa kita akan kehilangan kata kata saat berhadapan dengan kuasanya, Allahu Akbar.


* mayat paman Maun ditemukan utuh dibelakang mushalla desa, berdasarkan bukti KTP Merah putih yang masih tersimpan di Dompetnya, setelah lebih dari 3 Bulan Tsunami menerpa Gampong kami.


Lampeudaya, 26 December 2019.


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