The Aceh Tsunami Traces (part 1)

Berdasarkan Pengalaman Penulis Sendiri
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Sunday morning, my bed shook violently, segera instingku menyergap sadar, my inner earthquake. As fast as my motion I hunted the yard, fear spreads throughout the body. I staggered on the page, unable to stand.

The vibration was so terrible, I saw a big tall tamarind tree at the corner of the curved road, my eyes spontaneously looked at my footing and my wild imagination imagined the earth cracking and splitting.

I regret skipping dawn, my istigf Firen, God was there in a flash when death was so close.

That Sunday morning, 26 December 2004. The earthquake struck my Lampeudaya Village, Kecamatan Darussalam yang berjarak sekitar 3 km from the sea coast. The earthquake subsided, at the Cut Ya shop was crowded with villagers, gloved, pale and worried.

Boisterous sound of stories spontaneity morning that is not usual, until suddenly Bang Leman pointed to the sky towards the sea, there was a white lump that was crackling hard. Like enchanted us, whirlwind disaster predictions.

We are in a hurry, from the north side of the village, roar of the car, cars race each other into our village, “ie laot diek, ie laot diek”, (read on : sea ​​water rises, sea ​​water rises), Everyone who ran away shouted warnings of sea water crashing into the mainland.

Scene by scene starts saving yourself, family, property and all that can be brought along.

I myself followed the crowd fleeing away to the rice fields, running around following the dike and still looking for info on what actually happened from those who kept running away. I stayed in the rice fields until the roar of cars and trains and people running around began to disappear.

By noon, how many young people who pass by I invite back to monitor the situation Gampong, there is Muli, And then Weah (nickname because when he played football he often used the Ac Milan Club jersey with the name Weah written on it).

We are silent, open-mouthed, Air laut telah mengepung hampir sepertiga Gampong kami, rubbish, corpses and all the waste have piled up and piled up at several points.

Some Gampong residents helped each other to lift the bodies to be collected alongside the road, Then help some seriously injured victims, some are carried because their bones are supported, some have their stomachs broken down, some have bloody bumps on their heads, all that is real before the eyes.

All moves what can help, offer water, washing physical wounds to the mind, soothe the already broken heart and trauma. Instantly I remembered the uncle we used to call Cut Maun who was in charge of picking coconuts with some of his friends never looked, my story interlude, my uncle was carried away by water and one of his friends survived, they are all rolling waves.

Communication was completely cut off, My parents and younger siblings are in Blangpidie, Southwest Aceh Regency, sama sekali tidak bisa dihubungi dan hanya memanjatkan doa semoga mereka semua dalam keadaan baik baik saja.

I lived in Lampeudaya Village with my extended family. After making sure nothing was lost, the waves were swept away and almost the majority gathered at the Lambaro Angan Mosque, The four of us agreed to take a closer look at the neighboring village (Lamseunong, part of the Kajhu Village) which is where the Perumnas are built with nearly hundreds of houses inside.


On a mountain of rubbish, we are silent, Our gaze looked at each other to see the expanse of buildings that have been flat, as far as the eye looks we just see the sea, all of them have been hit by the waves. Corpses of corpses we do not know, most longest, so clear between the piles of building debris and wood.

Our hearts are empty, several times istigfar said, our footing is wobbly, the atmosphere was so gripping that it clung to our tongues to say the words, each busy with his own mind.

An old man rushed past us, slowly away towards the rubble of the building. When we were shocked when I heard a soft voice asking for help.

Immediately we approached, A gloved pregnant woman and blood clearly visible on her thighs flowing, it seems true he has difficulty walking.

We guided him to the rest area and suggested that he could move slowly toward the center of the village to get immediate help.

Soon after, There was a man waving his hand calling us to come closer, dia nampak kelelahan memanggul mayat dibahunya. Without us asking he spoke “this is my wife's dead body, please help me deck”, suara yang berat seberat kepedihan yang menerpanya.

Without waiting long, we sort the board to place the bodies so we can stretchers four of us.

We slowly move together through the garbage pile, my energy drained, there hasn't been any intake since morning.

After reaching a place that is a bit airy and can be reached by a hearse, the four of us returned, and start looking for bread and what we can enjoy, hunger is unbearable.



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