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Facebook kini memiliki 2 miliar pengguna bulanan, Twitter 328 million, dan Instagram 700 juta pengguna di seluruh dunia.
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How Mark Zuckerberg changed the world? He built a global community that brought people closer. Facebook is available to the general public. Everyone is familiar with the story of building a social networking platform that will greatly impact human relations and the economy. Mark's community vision opens the door to many variations of existing social media networking platforms. Jack Dorsey made Twitter in March 2006. Rome may not be built in a day, but Twitter was built in just two weeks, kata Jack.

A few years later Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger built a photo application now known as Instagram.

Mark has indeed paved the way for many new social media networks. He has one brilliant idea that really affects humanity. However, Other social media channels are created simply because their CEO is smart enough to recognize good opportunities at the right time. Facebook did all the hard work and now building a social networking site from scratch is a much easier process than before. Currently, creating social media networks can be done quickly by following certain unwritten rules and regulations.

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Then how to build a network site / social media community from the start? What does this mean from a business and development point of view?

I have compiled a list 8 steps you need to know in the process:

1. Identify your community

If you don't want to feel in the dark and have financial losses, then you need to identify your community. The identification process needs to be carried out at the brainstorming stage. The social networking platform was created to meet the needs of certain populations. Identifying your community's preferences and dislikes will help you better understand the psychological factors that affect them as consumers and what you can do to get their attention. Sometimes the need for what you offer will not be on the market, that is why the demographic and psychographic data collected will give you the power to trigger and create those needs.

2. Define features and functions

The definition of features and functions is closely related to the quality of your community identification. The wants and needs of your community will shape and describe the features of developing social networking sites. What do you want the user to do? How do you define data privacy?

The overall vision of your website is very important. Macro scanning which will break things down into categories such as user functions, administrative functions, and advertising is a must.

Specifies the type of data to be distributed, what they can post, how they will register, and what automation you have to use is only the beginning. There are many things to consider in this phase.

3. Choose the right technology

Identifying the features and functions of your social media network will determine the platform and company where you can create your own network. The biggest problem at this stage is doubts about what methods are effective and efficient for your social media networks. Evaluating technology is something that must be done by professionals. Hiring a consultant to help you compare technology is a good solution. This will save you time and money.

If you choose to do it yourself then you need to prepare a list of relevant questions to ask. You can implement a variety of homemade CMS or CMS that are already available such as Ning, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, or .Net

Questions will allow you to see whether their technology and solutions fully support your idea.

The last thing you can do is analyze the existing social networking platforms and what builds the technology that has been used. This learning process will help you find out various problems and opportunities for your social media network.

4. Must have a structure

After the user-specific features are registered, You must prepare a growth environment. Certain general rules apply to building all web pages and are very important for your social media networking platforms because you try to engage users in social activities and store them longer on your site.. There are three pillars that you must combine if you want your social media network to be successful and profitable.

• Customer service – Partnering with a hosting company can change your life. They will deal with technical problems and other issues related to your platform.

• Security – Use a reliable security system that will make your users feel like they can do everything on your social media platform without worrying about privacy and data leakage.

• Scalability – When you start building social networks from scratch, then you must consider growth. Facebook is not used to the fact that Facebook will grow so far. Mark is ready for growth even when he is not sure that he will achieve global success. Your social media platform must be able to develop easily and quickly so that it can keep pace with the growth of your network.

5. Design of Activity Streams

What happens to a social networking site without the flow of activity? There is no! Currently, Activity flow is the core of every social media website. Facebook introduced this feature first and because it set the standard in the market, the concept is mainstream and affects everyone. People's interest in their friend's activities is real. We want to know what they do, how they feel all the time. Failing to develop a flow of quality activities can affect the attractiveness of your social media networks. This is the focal point and driving force behind the success of launching social networks. You can use plugins or activity stream modules that accomplish this really well

For example, Ning's activity feed allows you to connect your network to Facebook, Twitter or add an RSS feed. Stay always connected with comments, like and share, displayed in your newsfeed. You can make publications in the form of tweets or posts, dan memutuskan apa yang akan ditampilkan dalam umpan aktivitas anda, dan siapa yang dapat melihat pembaruan anda. Fitur-fitur ini memungkinkan anda sangat menyesuaikan jaringan anda.

6. Buat Fitur Pembaruan Status

Pembaruan status sangat penting. Setiap pengguna media sosial ingin mengekspresikan perasaan dan pikiran mereka secara bebas kapan saja. Anda perlu merancang alat yang sempurna yang akan membuat pembaruan status pengalaman yang menyenangkan dan mudah. Meskipun Facebook mempopulerkan aliran aktivitas, Twitter makes status updates a major aspect of social media sites. Status updates are very addictive. People are immediately addicted. If this feature is not user friendly and not easy to use, they will soon leave your social media platform. What you can do to design an updated tool with perfect status?

It really depends on the values ​​your social media is built on. Twitter made an extraordinary step by limiting status updates to 140 character. Pengembang bersyukur atas keputusan itu. Itu membuat pekerjaan mereka jauh lebih mudah. Of course, anda harus memastikan untuk menambahkan opsi menambahkan komentar pada pembaruan status. Dengan kata lain, interaksi dengan pengguna lain adalah segalanya.

Ada banyak platform microblogging open-source yang dapat anda gunakan untuk mengembangkan fitur pembaruan status berkualitas. Jika anda menggunakan sistem manajemen konten seperti CMS umum, mudah untuk membuat tipe konten yang memiliki jumlah karakter terbatas.

7. Display Quality Data Options

How to increase the level of engagement and clicks on the site? You need to create several data display features that will increase the visibility of content on your social media platform. Remember, users will only see what you allow them to see. Do you have enough data display options? If the answer is no, then check the list of features you need for your users:

– Stories that will be Popular

– Popular Stories in 24 last hour

– Popular Stories in 7 last day

– Popular Stories in 30 last day

– Popular stories from last year

Ingat ketika Facebook meluncurkan fitur timeline mereka? Betapa terpesona setiap orang dengan fakta bahwa mereka dapat mengakses data riwayat dengan begitu mudah, hanya dengan satu klik. Pengguna senang sekali dengan banyaknya data sosial.

Fitur tampilan data harus memiliki desain yang terpusat pada pengguna. Dan itu harus mudah digunakan dan diakses. Setiap orang memiliki preferensi yang berbeda. Mengizinkan orang untuk mengakses dan menyesuaikan pengalaman mereka adalah nilai tambah yang besar dan akan membuat mereka kembali lagi dan lagi ke platform jejaring sosial anda.

8. Anda harus menarik pengguna yang tepat

Setelah semuanya dilakukan, dalam hal mendefinisikan audiens target dan mengembangkan fitur yang tepat, langkah selanjutnya adalah menarik pengguna yang tepat. Ada banyak alat yang akan membantu anda menciptakan kesadaran di pasar internet. Facebook dibuat di lingkungan kampus dan merupakan pelopor dalam industri media sosial. Meskipun alat pemasaran tradisional masih efektif. Sebelum orang mulai berbicara tentang media sosial anda, mereka perlu menyadarinya. Pemasaran digital memiliki alat untuk meningkatkan kesadaran ini. Dan ini memiliki serangkaian opsi yang tersedia yang akan membantu anda mencapai tujuan anda dan juga hemat biaya. Berikut cara melakukannya:

1. Email MarketingApakah anda database email? Jika tidak, anda harus membuatnya. Alat semacam lead generation tool tersedia dan dapat membantu anda untuk urusan ini. Mereka menawarkan tips dan alat yang tepat yang dapat membantu dalam mempersiapkan basis email anda. Setelah anda membuat basis data yang relevan, siapkan templat yang menarik dan gunakan untuk buletin. Jangan khawatir jika anda tidak berpengalaman dengan pemasaran email.

2. BloggingBuat blog anda sendiri di mana anda akan membahas platform media sosial baru anda. Orang suka membaca informasi yang bermanfaat. Beri mereka itu, fokus pada apa yang mereka sukai dan beri mereka judul yang mereka minati. Taktik terbaik adalah menghubungi influencer blogging dan membuat mereka menulis artikel untuk platform media sosial anda di blog mereka. Neil Patel menerapkan teknik ini pada masa-masa sulitnya di awal dan ia mencapai banyak hal dalam hal trafik dan keterlibatan user di kemudian hari. Anda bahkan dapat menghasilkan uang dari usaha menulis anda sendiri.

3. Terlibat dengan orang-orangKetika portal lain menyebutkan jaringan media sosial anda atau menulis berita tentang anda, anda harus segera bertindak. Terlibat dengan mereka. Buat koneksi. Bangun komunitas. Tanyakan kepada mereka tentang konten lain dan balas cerita itu dengan blog anda sendiri. Orang menghargai keterlibatan dan perhatian.

4. Aktifkan iklan berbayarIklan Google dapat melakukan keajaiban. Aktifkan beberapa iklan berbayar untuk jangka waktu tertentu. Gunakan kata-kata yang berbeda untuk setiap iklan dan lihat mana yang paling berhasil. Melalui pengujian, cari tahu apa yang memberikan hasil terbaik dan fokuskan semua anggaran pemasaran anda di sana.

Dengan banyaknya sumber daya yang tersedia saat ini, membuat platform media sosial lebih mudah daripada sebelumnya. Melakukan penelitian yang berkualitas adalah kegiatan yang harus dilakukan sebelum anda memulai dengan hal lainnnya. Informasi yang tepat dapat menghemat waktu dan sumber daya anda.

Ingatlah untuk tetap fokus pada alat yang paling menguntungkan ide anda. Fokus pada nilai-nilai inti platform media sosial anda dan bangun sebaik mungkin. Keberhasilan tidak bisa dihindari jika anda merencanakan segalanya dengan benar. Siapa tahu, mungkin ide anda akan mengubah media sosial selamanya.

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