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On behalf of Panyot Abdya: movement to increase Aceh's reading interest, the writer took the opportunity to be a host on the show “cang arrow” with the theme of love literacy by presenting Diyus Hanafi.

The resource person known as Sang Diyus on the Steemit platform, has become the figure of a writer who is always awaited chatter and notes.

Its advantages in choosing the right diction, sharp analysis that opens up a new space for review of simple things from everyday life, able to invite the reader to open the tap of thought power that is sometimes jammed.

In the live instagram event on panyot Abdya, there are some important points, which we will summarize below.


First, literacy in its simple meaning is the ability to reason about and use language.

In a broad sense, the government through the Ministry of Education and Culture has intensified the National Literacy Movement since 2016, with six (6) basic to be learned and improved as a basic ability of human resources.

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Second, answer literacy problems, Diyus expressed his interest in reading growing out of anxiety over life, where the awareness that every person and place has its own story has moved him to see the world through his window.

Third, in the implementation phase, as a free person, he is no longer confident in government institutions in this regard education, sekolah dan para pendidik hanya instrumen negara untuk sebuah tujuan yang mencetak sumber daya manusia yang tersistem dan terdokrin, and this is absurd.

Education curriculum and patterns only focus on values ​​and numbers without involving children in expressing their wishes and desires, the world of children's play is robbed of time and space called school.

And we must be self-aware, the younger generation now is a failed product of the name of education by the colonial method, the comparison is the period of growth and development of philosophy in ancient Greece, when children are entrusted to people who are recognized as wise to play and learn many things from nature.

Fourth, when talking love, Diyus sees it as an onomatopoeia : the process of birth of words from sound.

Love is autonomous, he is born as a verb and rejects it as a noun, because if love is a noun it can be divided, sold buy and will not be able to appreciate the process.

In this effort to titrate love, balance is needed in understanding the text and context, if then many of us become textbooks, then isn't it better to read a book than listen to the person talking ?

Fifth, in self-status as a braggart (solely for reasons there are no print works), Diyus advised young writers to try to write different sentence descriptions in the 500 words to refer to a single word, so as to enrich vocabulary and take responsibility for every word written.

Within the duration of live until 1,5 this hour, pembicaraan penuh percikan energi telah menyerempet perihal kritikan terhadap orang orang yang kontra dengan data tentang indeks literasi dan kemiskinan Aceh, a little bit about sex, music and politics.

As an arrow cover, dia menyampaikan bahwasanya kita yang terlahir merdeka jangan sampai dibodohi dengan tuntutan yang membelenggu kebebasan dalam minat dan karya selama itu tidak menyangkut ketauhidan.


Talk about the relationship between Literacy and Love, then as long as there is a new story, a new constellation of relationships then love will be present, because the springs of love never dry and vice versa, literacy is needed so that we read and know the experiences of others.

In a relationship, literacy and love so far are fine, love literacy and or love literacy both need and complement each other.


Note :

Article published by permission of the Resource Person (Diyus Hanafi)



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