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The Comfort Zone Kills You

“Keluar dari zona nyamanmu. Anda hanya dapat tumbuh jika anda ingin merasa canggung dan tidak nyaman ketika anda mencoba sesuatu yang baru. - Brian Tracy
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Why do you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and meet life with different desires and passions? The following is an overly general scenario that is played in human life, illustrate how coming out of your comfort zone can sometimes cause apathy and comfort.

This world is wide, then migrate – at least that is probably the language we have heard. You may be sick and tired of being in your habits. Feeling not inspired – emotionally drained and disoriented. Don't despair because you might only experience internal change.

From time to time, You may experience a period of uncertainty, which on the surface looks as if your world is sinking. You may feel helpless and unable to navigate your way forward.

Although you can try ignoring it, but something went wrong – and you know that part at least. Life feels more difficult and requires more effort than usual.

Everything is a task. You feel emotional turmoil in the slightest episode when things don't go according to plan. Rest assured life does not always go smoothly. Finding refuge in that reality frees us from the necessity of encouraging life force.

As with any trip, intention to achieve one's goals is usually heralded by goals or plans, even though you might not anticipate big changes ahead. That means, You may have to sail in your boat in uncharted waters to reach your final destination.

Life's journey is indeed filled with countless lessons, oftentimes we fail to recognize that we are involved in the drama of life.

Weak Changes

In the famous book Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, Santiago's shepherd boy made a world tour to find treasures and legends. In the end when he neared the end of his journey, he found that the treasure he was looking for was exactly where he began his journey. He realized that his journey through the world made him filled with wisdom with lots of knowledge from the people he met along the way.

His journey wasted no time, because he has gained much from his experience in searching for his treasure.

I want to remind you that what is contained in every effort, every step, and every failure makes you closer to your property – your precious treasure. Nothing is wasted. There is no wasted effort.

There is a rhythm and time to the universe that you must follow if you want to realize your potential. With that thought, getting out of your comfort zone might be crippling for some people, because there is a level of anxiety associated with uncertainty.

You will become familiar with the familiar life boat shocks, mess up your balance.

Author Neale Donald Walsch from the famous spiritual book series, Conversations With God reminds us, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Dealing with uncertainties and changes can be debilitating when it comes to the pressure you are forced to face, but it seems to live an exciting future you need to step out of the familiar zone to reach new horizons. This illustrates how your comfort level is related to your desire to change. Usually the stronger the desire to change, the more you feel uncomfortable, when you move in an unknown direction.

The comfort zone is a big enemy of creativity, moving beyond it requires intuition, which in turn configures a new perspective and conquers fear.

Likewise with what is depicted in the quote by Lao Tze is a reminder to allow the process of life to be revealed without adding your drama into it: "Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Do not fight them – it only creates sadness. Let the reality come true. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. "

Remember, your response to life is what's most important at the level of personal growth that you do. Most people develop in ideal situations, although this does not test a person's character.

Your response to the uncertainty of life determines the level of your inner growth, especially when the waves of reality are against you.

For example, Entrepreneurs need the confidence to never give up on their plans or visions, because economic power constantly challenges them. There must be an inherent confidence, Unyielding motivation and desire to win.

I encourage you to adopt similar qualities in your efforts to get out of your comfort zone. Do not be satisfied because what you face is so easy – remember, the easy place is not where the fruit of your success is.

You must be willing to take risks, either large or small and gradually move towards your dreams. other than that, I invite you to think big and act big, to get greater rewards in life.

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Success Will Provide Clues

Motivation and leadership expert Robin Sharma reminds us of the need to create bigger dreams to strive for: “If people don't laugh at your dreams, then your dream is not big enough.”

In the same tone, David J. Schwartz wrote the bestseller The Magic of Thinking Big. He reminds us of the power of our beliefs as a measure of pursuing our dreams with strong intensity: "Those who believe they can move mountains, do it. Those who believe they cannot, can not. Faith triggers the power to do it.”

Comfort keeps you safe and often stagnates and stagnates. Most people are satisfied enough to live a life that is immune to their potential. They prefer not to take risks if life does not turn out as they had hoped.

Next, their self-esteem is hit and they consider themselves a failure. But failure and self-esteem are not closely related.

You did not fail because your goal failed to meet your expectations. You might not succeed in achieving your goals, however, you may come closer to success every time you try it, but you are not aware of it.

When you move outside your comfort zone, what was previously unknown and frightening becomes normal for you.

Tony Robbins said: “Success leaves clues.” Moving away from your comfort requires you to extend your personal boundaries to create a satisfying life. Maybe you know successful people that you admire, they have crossed their comfort zone to reach their current level of mastery.

They break through many ceiling challenges to create new ways of life and also open the way for others to follow them. And that is an aspect that invites others to push them through the comfort zone. You become a guide for others to follow, by breaking through in the pursuit of your life's targets.

Namun hal memikat yang tampaknya mendorong untuk keluar dari zona nyaman anda, sebaiknya tidak membuatnya hanya menjadi sebuah pencarian konstan. Mengintegrasikan pengalaman anda ke dalam hidup anda menjadi hal yang terpenting, karena hal itu ditentukan oleh pembelajaran dan pertumbuhan jiwa anda, yang menjadi titik fokus untuk mendorong melewati tingkat kenyamanan anda.

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