Releasing Business Ideas at the Right Time

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There is a grandfather of my friend who dreams of starting his own company for the past half century. When he was young he did have creative ideas earlier than we do today, but at this time the grandfather often felt sad and he felt his idea was out of date.

He lost his wife, his house, his career, and financial security because of that dream. However, to his surprise, he still won't let his dreams disappear.

For years, he changed position, approach, and a list of potential contacts, but he still hasn't made a dime or sold anything.

Now he is in his 70s, he still sells his old ideas to anyone who wants to listen, while spending the minimum income for shipping costs and copying costs.

When you stop in the process, then you stop at the results.

I know what you think: That can't be happening to you, right??. Well! You have poured out your heart and soul, your time, your money and more into your business, so you hope it must succeed.

Although beautiful to say, but that is not always true. The more you can realize that success can come and go, the better your position is to take advantage of other, more promising opportunities.

We have a tendency to admire persistence and look down on people who give up easily.

But persistence without the latest knowledge will encourage you to continue to fail.

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The right time to let go of dreams.

There are several indications, it's time to stop choosing to realize your dreams.

  • Is your business idea interesting enough ? Sometimes even the smartest people can have a dead end when looking at their own vision. Maybe the image looks like your girlfriend who is not liked by your family and friends, jadi mungkin ini jugalah saatnya untuk mendapatkan petunjuk.
  • Are your competitors better? Business ideas will be good when they offer opportunities to generate and develop, namun kompetitor akan selalu muncul dengan pendekatan yang berbeda. Jika bertahan dengan ide dasar tanpa mengikuti perkembangan teknologi maka kita akan “mati suri” with that dream.
  • How often do you get a second meeting? If your days are spent contacting new people to want to invest or buy your ideas, but often there are no follow-up meetings, chances are you are not offering something worthy of being seen a second time.
  • Are you deadlocked? You have heard the definition of insanity: Do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. If you run out of approaches, here, or instructions, maybe your concept is basically unworkable.

Sometimes success is letting go of your dreams so that there is open space with more fresh and promising business ideas.

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