Storm of Power

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Picture : Garry Andrew Lotuling


O wise people in this country !. Tell us.

The story of the nation's fighters who sacrificed their lives and bodies, tell also the cause and effect as well as how the procession took place. Tell the full story, the stages of conflict escalation that gave birth to solutions, the movement of the people's resistance which gave birth to the time of the old order, new order and reformation, so that we are not blind to history, do not misread the times and be able to take the wisdom of the past.

O wise people in this country!. We are not experts who have a myriad of stories that must be straightened out, we are just good and polite listeners. Wouldn’t listening a lot and reading lead us to a better conclusion on all historical records.

O wise people of this country, puzzling historical puzzle pieces, it's all because we are still spelling and tracking historical truths that have been turned or covered up, we are like desert travelers who hope to find an oasis.

We only want to hear and read history in the fragments studied, thoroughly studied, so that everything is right and right in positioning yourself, agar kami semua dapat menemukan makna sebenarnya “fight forget”.

Fighting forget has become a form of process in returning self-awareness to history, seeing patterns formed from the past into a series of recurring events in a more moderate form.

Kami telah sangat haus akan solusi dari semua polemik yang terjadi di negeri ini. Tiap detik kami disuguhkan kisah dari media yang kami ragukan netral, the story of each other, mutual claims of truth and even insults to personal and institutional

Enjoying the heat of Indonesia's socio-political temperature in the moment of the simultaneous regional head election, menikmati perubahan kebijakan sosial politik global dan mengamati secara kontinu stimulan friksi dan pergesekan para pemangku kepentingan di negeri ini, really tiring,

Event after event that further harms the democratic system, verdict each other on what and who is the most correct, dichotomy of indigenous and non-indigenous status, penggugat dan tergugat sudah mengkristal sehingga tidak butuh lagi rekonsiliasi.

The overlapping power of authority is clearly seen in the effort to reduce all forms of violations of the law which always creates polemics of perceptions and points of view.

Currently, we see the unity of our nation is no longer strong, the difference in approach and solution is no longer a blessing. These differences are responded to by decisions and policies that express excessive fear. Events after events in this country have created a storm of power.

This storm is much stronger intensity, Action movement 112, the alleged case of Emirsyah corruption and ethical violations of Patrialis Akbar, , SBY's wiretapping case, mass action at SBY's house, NU-Ahok istigasah controversy, and the arrest of Firza Husein (, 7/2/207) plus some of the excesses of the regional election campaign in the region drew public attention at all levels of society in the country.

Ibarat tornado, the storm of power has whipped up the issues and follow-up events, continue to pattern. Patterns that seem vague become a justification at the level of discourse and reaction action so that the people justify, there is a large, structured and planned force playing. The vortex of the storm is aimed at our nation's capital with the target of all being the presidential election 2019.

Fighting between political elites, mass organizations and law enforcement, the executive and legislative branches are increasingly tapered. All energy and power polarization is sucked into it, division of power in the mention of Islam, national and communist found the pole.

Thanks to technology, people like finding the meaning of democracy again, unlimited power speaks in various media information and social media, semua seolah olah menjadi pakar. Suara suara rakyat tidak lagi tersekat namun terdengar jelas dan lantang, freedom of opinion becomes unstoppable, although sometimes without thinking long it seems as if they are experts.

Pseudo democracy became a storm. Weak people in the process of receiving, respond to and respect national entities, making the pillars of the foundation in the nation and state increasingly fragile. And if this weakness variable is left then the storm of power will destroy all self-awareness in attitude and ground.

O those who still care about this country, before this storm of power really damaged the entire nation, let us all return to the essence of development, namely the development of consciousness.

Development of awareness that this nation was built from various countries, when Indonesia was built on the diversity of customs and traditions, culture even religion. This nation is a big nation and it needs an awareness of tolerance with Pancasila as the basis of the nation and unity in diversity as the building of our consciousness.

This awareness will absorb all the storms, so that the wise people in this country will spend their energy in building this nation, for Indonesia gold.


(This article has been revised from the original writing in the rubric Indonesian )

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