Analisis Pertandingan Persada Vs Peusangan Raya.

Soeratin Cup U 17 Aceh 2019.
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Persada is the only South West Aceh team playing in Soeratin Aceh 17, playing the premiere against Peusangan Raya.

The match was held in the Lhong Raya Stadium Synthetic Field, Banda Aceh.

Less than one month of preparation, Persada confidently took part in this teen league competition.

Directly raised by Anwar with the assistant Coach Rahmat Fitra, Persada's squad has undergone several try outs and friendly matches. According to the Head Coach's Confession, there are some technical things that must be addressed, related to coating players in attacking and defensive positions, Players selected by Abdya are unable to show significant improvement, the only solution is to find additional players whose quality is above local material.

Soeratin U17 Aceh 2019, just followed 3 tim, namely Persada Abdya, PSAB Aceh Besar, and Peusangan Raya FC Biruen.

The inaugural match of the title date 29 December, and Persada must recognize the superiority of Peusangan Raya. Persada lost badly with the final score 0-5.

The public of Southwest Aceh has responded differently, from those who keep encouraging, question what's up, instead there are a number of statuses in social media which are more prone to mocking about the use of outside players.

Regardless of whatever public motives, we will not discuss issues and opinions that look brave in the realm of social media because long before Soeratin was held, Persada itself has invited all elements of football at a public discussion “synergy towards persada is better”.

This paper is only trying to analyze the match Persada vs Peusangan Raya.

Play with formations 3-5-2, Head coach Anwar offers a strategy to dominate the middle field, His injury is a distinguishing midfielder , Aris in the early minutes must be replaced by Nailan as a substitute who typically plays more defensively. Helga lost sight of playing, and lost a lot of balls. Dawn More Active to duel the ball up and down, More value is given to Zafin, Yudha and Jelmi are able to reduce attacks after Peusangan attacks.

The central field is completely dominated by the sun, the ball is so easy to move from left to right and send gastric feedback and breakthrough in building attacks.

Good ball possession from Peusangan successfully stabbed into the forbidden box and had to be dropped and bear a penalty. 1-0 for Peusangan Raya

Daniel played on the right side and Suwardi on the right side, also overwhelmed in play, Their ballless movement is minimal, lost in a scramble for the ball, made the Persada attack nil, Riyan and Dedek on the front lines barely got a mature pass.

In minutes to 25, again Peusangan got a golden opportunity, when Andika the goalkeeper is late out of the goal mouth in anticipation of the ball, the player wins the duel and makes full use of the ball with an accurate pair, break through Persada goalkeeper twice without any obstacles.

His feet are Persada Squad, can be caused by lack of flying hours, yang menyebabkan mental terpukul, then the lack of adaptation to play in artificial turf, the rest players complain the ball is too hard, but the match official said the ball was standard.
(Pen notes : during monitored training, The writer as part of the official Soeratin Persada sees whether or not the ball is hard based on manual hand pressure, not measuring ball air pressure by standards 0,6-1 atmosphere (atm) or 8-12 pounds persquare inci (Psi), where if the ball is dropped with a height of one meter, he bounces back 60 cm).

Second round, Helga was pulled out and replaced by Reza, visible formation played changed to 4-3-3, as a strategy to pursue a deficit 2 goal.

Early in the second half, some players began to be bolder holding the ball and building attacks, running ball flow, walking crossing bait, Suwardi's golden moment from the right side firing the ball can still be dammed by the keeper goalkeeper.

While Andika, Persada goalkeeper must be replaced by Ridha, after a physical collision with the attacker Peusangan and could not continue the match.

A lot of energy drained in the first round made the quality of the game also decrease rapidly, Excellent possession at the start of the second half with several opportunities created, 15 last minute, players one by one fall and must receive medical treatment, Dedek and Daniel in the condition there are no more changes and inevitably have to play just to maintain position.

Ketiga gol tercipta di babak kedua semuanya terjadi dari ruang yang terbuka untuk shooting dari luar kotak pinalti. The accuracy of the kick from the front player Peusangan must get a thumb.

In terms of violations, The referee who leads the match only issues a yellow card 2 sheets for Peusangan players and 1 kartu kuning untuk Persada.

(Penalty for one yellow card at an official event of Rp. 500,000 and a Red Card for Rp. 1.500.000)

Coach Akhyar Ilyas who witnessed the second round delivered personally, Peusangan Raya players their flying hours are higher, from age 12 Years they often represent Aceh to the National Level, dan disini jelas kita bisa melihat ada kesenjangan pembinaan sepakbola bagian timur utara dan barat selatan Aceh.

Seperti pernah disampaikannya dalam Diskusi Publik, Sepakbola Aceh Barat Daya akan berkembang saat pembinaan SSB yang telah dimulai juga di ikuti dengan menggelar Kompetesi rutin.

Terkait Substansi Pembinaan, banyak pertanyaan Anak Anak Abdya apa kurang hebat, apa yg kurang berkualitas ?, namun kita lupa Sisi mental dan pembanding dengan tim yang berkelas, dan juga lupa kalo pelatih punya ilmu yang bagus maka atlitnya juga bagus.

Dan terkait kompetisi, saat anggaran Persada tidak mencukupi untuk itu maka
Harus ada Pihak ketiga yang bersedia dan mau menjadi Operator kompetisi kelompok umur 15, 17 and 19.

Ada yang Berani ? Mari kita duduk dan diskusikan regulasi, disini kita kan bahas Substansi bukan pembenaran persepsi.

Jadi jangan hanya bisa bicara menyibukkan diri buat status yang ujung ujungnya melecehkan keputusan Ofisial persada, karena sebelumnya, semua punya alasan, kepentingan, saran dan kritik telah di timbang.

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