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Sunday 18 July 2020, Indonesia lost the great writer and poet Sapardi Djoko Damono (SDD).

TPU Grititama Bogor became his final resting place after being treated at the Eka Hospital BDS Hospital in Tangerang due to decreased organ function.

His poetry became an eternal masterpiece for the audience. How not, simple lyrics apparently able to convey the depth of meaning of life and romance

One of his poems I Want, has grounded the sentence “I want to love you with simple”.

SDD has immortalized love in a series of magical words through the sound of poetry.

Just dive in June Rain, various interpretations can emerge, tanpa retorika berlebihan memberi kekuatan lariknya.

June Rain

nothing is more resilient
from the June rain
he kept his longing a secret
to the flowering tree

There is nothing wiser
from the June rain
the removal of his footprints
who hesitated on that road

nothing can be wiser
from the June rain
left unspoken
absorbed by the flower tree's roots


Kumpulan puisi “June Rain” (1994) which contain 102 his poem since years 1964-1994, has been translated into four languages, namely England, Japan, Arab, and Mandarin, and made a feature film of the year 2017.

Phenomenal of his romantic poetry poetry has transmitted a very deep sorrow after his departure, condolences in the world of twitter have become a trending topic and tweeted as much 103 thousand times, Until what time 21.10 WIB when this article was posted.

Sapardi Djoko Damono, who is also a Professor at the University of Indonesia's Faculty of Cultural Sciences, has died at an age 80 year (20 March 1940-18 July 2020).

Goodbye Grandmother, immortal yourself in poetry.

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