4 Butir Rekomendasi Hasil Diskusi Publik Persada

"Sinergitas Menuju Persada Lebih Baik"
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Talk of the most popular sports, football is in the top position and is almost loved 4 billion globally according to World Atlas records in “the most popular Sport in the World“.

Football has even become an important part in promoting regional potentials and taking a crucial role in a country's political map, Even the world cup event 2018 in Moscow, disinyalir ada upaya Rusia menjadikan momen tersebut sebagai upaya mengurai konflik yang terjadi antara Rusia dengan beberapa negara lain khususnya Inggris terkait peracunan agen ganda dan putrinya.

Football is transformed into a patriotic sport when regional and national names are at stake in official events between regional or international.

The complexity of football will emerge on its own because it involves many parties and has many interests, So Football Purity on the Sports side is relative.

Football involves many people in it, player, coach , official team, referee, fans, donors to the media and publicity.

The Professional League has made football a place to find food, The profession in football is about contracts and salaries, so the role of sponsors and management of the Club must be supported by bona fide shareholders in lending fresh funds in building high performing clubs to increase the prestige and selling power of broadcast rights and jersey, Football is business.

In the Amateur League caste especially Indonesia, league 3 masih diperbolehkan didanai anggaran operasionalnya dari pemerintah daerah.

Budget limitations certainly require many third parties to be involved, where the main conditions have a higher social sense.

Club administrators must have high dedication, also contributes energy and thought, segudang problema keuangan yang pos pos pengeluarannya membutuhkan banyak perhatian, regarding player allowances and coach salaries, Official tim yang harus belajar banyak dalam mengelola isu dan kritik yang terkadang tidak relevan.

Every league competition 3 began to be held, Some bond management in the area must rack their brains to anticipate expenditures related to exercise equipment, player equipment, not to mention the cost of accommodation, eating and drinking and also transportation, Talking about bonuses becomes a dilemma to boost players' enthusiasm in playing.

The number of problems and challenges is what this is the step of many figures failed to build a club.

Hanya segelintir orang orang yang berani yang siap secara mental dan finansial menjadi presiden klub bonden daerahnya.

In Southwest Aceh District, name is Romi Syahputra (RSP) has positioned itself to take this huge burden to be brave in managing the Bonden of the Southwest Aceh Football Association (HOMELAND).

Persada became a bondent whose existence still survives in its work in the league 3, although the results have not been satisfactory in years 2019.

Persada rejected the results of round to 2 League 3 which was held at Gayo, related to the alleged unfairness of the implementation of the PSSI Asprov regulation.

Read : https://aceh.tribunnews.com/2019/09/12/persada-abdya-boikot-bertanding-laga-lanjutan-liga-3-ini-penyebabnya

Persada then prepares to return to join the Soeratin Cup, which until now there is still no exact schedule for the title. The team selection process and routine training are continuing.

It is in this process of waiting, Then Persada took the initiative to launch the Soeratin Team Squad 2019 to be introduced to the public at the same time to hold a discussion that takes a theme ” Synergy towards Persada is better”.

The background of this public discussion is to open up as much access to the public of football lovers in Bumoe Breuh Sigupai in giving advice, criticism and response in advancing Persada forward.

Synergy becomes a non-negotiable thing, hubungan langsung dengan PSSI sebagai induk olahraga sepakbola dan Sponsorship telah menghadirkan Sofyan sebagai narasumber perwakilan dari Askab PSSI Abdya.

Sofyan raised tarkam regulation issues that did not lead to fostering young athletes and low PSSI budget plots but still helped fix letters of recommendation related to conducting soccer events without charging fees and contributing to coaching by funding subsidies in managing Notary Deed for Football Schools (SSB) in Abdya.

Redha Yos Paradian with his RYS brand logo and has been a sponsor of several official PSSI events that Persada participated in, hadir memberikan materi betapa sponsorship tidak bisa dikesanpingkan dalam membangun klub yang tangguh, expect the growth of the spirit of loving persada from Business Owners in Abdya by contributing in helping team equipment on a small or large scale.

Local Government Representative, Azhar Abbas who is currently believed to be the Head of the Youth and Sports Section in the Education and Culture Office puts forward the material for fostering student soccer athletes both SSB and the O2SN event., then accommodating the budget for the construction or rehabilitation of a football field and ready in the process of selecting and developing athletes for the upcoming POPDA.

In Public Discussion, KONI Abdya sebagai Organisasi Induk Olahraga Daerah juga turut mengambil peran dalam membuka pemahaman tentang domain kerja olahraga pendidikan, recreation and achievement. by presenting Jufri, S.Ag, M.M as the secretary general of KONI Abdya.

Then the discussion was directed by the Masri Pribumi moderator (pen;) the Findra R minutes were built in the context of sharing insights on how to make a team more advanced in its management, in this regard Akhyar Ilyas who is part of PERSIRAJA's management can be a speaker in the capacity as a Professional Trainer.

Read it too : https://www.bola.com/indonesia/read/4119101/bungkam-sriwijaya-fc-persiraja-lolos-ke-liga-1-2020

In his material Akhar Ilyas conveyed how the relationship between these three important points in building a team was strong, namely HR coaches and referees for tiered coaching, then support sports facilities and infrastructure and competition that was held.

Mengupas lebih jelas dalam pemaparannya mengapa Tarkam Sepakbola tidak akan menghasilkan output yang sama dengan kompetesi, where regulations cannot bind the implementing committee to enforce local player and transfer restrictions and age group restrictions. Satu satunya jalan agar meningkatkan jam terbang pemain sebagai penopang PERSADA kedepan adalah menggulirkan kompetisinya sendiri.

Dalam contoh yang konkritnya, Kompetisi Liga di kelompok umur 19 Tahun dapat di Adopsi dari Kabupaten Aceh Jaya yang pernah menyelenggarakannya.

Romi Syahputra yang dikenal dengan sebutan RSP, yang menjabat sebagai ketua Persada dalam kesempatan terakhir lebih menyampaikan program kerja Persada tahun 2020, Dimana mengadakan Sayembara Desain Jersey Persada Kandang dan Tandang, kemudian bekerja sama dengan KONI dan PSSI dalam mengatur kembali Kepengurusan klub klub yang berada di Kabupaten Aceh Barat Daya, dan menegaskan komitmen akan menggelar Kompetisi Persada di Tahun 2020.

RSP dalam kesempatan yang sama juga menyampaikan capaian capaian Persada selama kepemimpinannya, Hasil juara 3 untuk kedua event baik liga 3 dan Soeratin di Tahun 2018, kemudian Reward untuk pemain Persada lolos tenaga Kontrak di Pemda Aceh Barat Daya dan adanya anggaran Persada untuk Pembelian Aset baik berupa Ranjang, Kasur, Kamera serta Kontribusi peningkatan kualitas SDM olahraga Sepakbola, dan sebagai catatan penting mempersilakan siapa saja yang merasa siap menjadi official tim PERSADA agar dapat mengajukan diri dengan Program Kerjanya.

Dalam Session Tanya Jawab, ada beberapa catatan menarik terkait Saran, Harapan dan Pertanyaan yang dikemukakan.

Saran untuk lebih peduli terhadap pembinaan sepakbola usia dini, kemudian harapan agar terus memotivasi para pemain muda Persada untuk mewujudkan mimpi menjadi pemain profesional dan pertanyaan penggunaan Pos anggaran Persada.

Diskusi Publik dihadiri oleh para Undangan dari pemain legenda persada, Pemain Persada yang masih aktiv, Pengurus Club Sepakbola, Orang tua/wali Tim Soeratin, Perwakilan pegiat dan pemerhati Sepakbola, Pengurus Sekolah Sepakbola di bawah FOPSSI, bahkan komunitas fans club sepakbola turut diundang.

The Public Discussion went well and the note-taker noted a number of Recommendations for Persada viz :

  1. Making competition in the age group 17 up to you 19 year as priority.
  2. Fix Tarkam regulations and participant clubs.
  3. Encourage the Department of Education and Culture in promoting the age group coaching competition.
  4. Open the opportunity for everyone to join the Official Persada.

As cover, the opportunity to speak was given to the Chair of the DPRK, Mr. Nurdiato, Head of Education and Culture, Jauhari S.Pd and Dandim 0110 Abdya, Letkol CZi M. Ridha Has, ST. MT untuk menanggapi Diskusi Publik yang berjalan.

Diskusi Publik yang diselenggarakan di kediaman RSP ditutup oleh MC, Sayed Agoes Hidayat dengan membagikan souvenir berupa baju dengan hastag #kitapersada kepada seluruh Undangan dan makan bersama.


Round, 24 December 2019.

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